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Prescription assistance is available to established InterFaith patients. While InterFaith Health Center provides access to medications, the Center does not have a pharmacy. Rather, InterFaith is considered a physician-dispensed site and dispenses a variety of prescription medications, excluding narcotics. The majority of these medications are obtained through patient assistance programs from various pharmaceutical companies. All medications, regardless of cost, are available to patients for a $15 handling fee for a three-month supply.

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“InterFaith saved my life. Before, I was desperately searching for affordable insulin and now I never need to be afraid I will go without. The day I called they got me in immediately and here I am 3 years later still receiving their help. They are incredible and I recommend them to everyone who has been in my position that needs help.”

Ryanna D.

“An absolutely invaluable community resource. The entire staff is dedicated and incredible. Medicine practiced the way it was meant to be practiced, by people who care about people.”

Justin A.
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