Our Mission

InterFaith Health Center provides accessible, affordable, and quality health care to the working uninsured or underserved, primarily through the support of individuals, the religious, health care, and business communities. These services are provided within the capacity of the Center regardless of race, sex, creed, age, religion, national origin, or ability to pay.




Care in a spirit of empathy, love and concern


Respect for every person with special concern for the underserved


High standards of quality, comprehensive health care


Honesty and justice in relationships


Wise and just use of our collaborative talents and resources



In the fall of 1989, Mary Leslie Simpson Dotson called a group of community leaders together for a meeting to discuss healthcare in the community. She invited health care providers from all disciplines, religious leaders, community leaders, and social service agencies. In January 1990, a twelve-member steering committee was formed to guide the development of a primary healthcare clinic. The committee consisted of physicians, dentists, social service professionals, and members of Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant denominations. The Knoxville Inner City Churches United for People (KICCUP), Knoxville Area Hospital Council, and Knox County Health Department were also represented.

The coalition successfully obtained a $250,000 one-year start-up grant from the State of Tennessee for operational expenses. A building was purchased near downtown Knoxville and Baptist Hospital assumed a renovation loan to convert the building from a meat market into a comprehensive health care facility. The Clinic opened its doors on March 6, 1991 and has since provided more than 400,000 patient encounters to over 24,000 hardworking East Tennesseans.

Branding Timeline